1.- What is Lotto Predict?

Lotto Predict is:

  • It is a web of different lotteries statistics from various countries (Japan, USA, Spain, Europe).
  • It is a simulator of various lotteries, to try to find out the range of hits and awards from a particular combination.
  • It is a ranking of the best simulated combinations of various lotteries.

  • 2.- How much does lotto predict cost?

    It's free! All web (simulator, statistics, etc.) are free.

    3.- How much I can win?

    If no bets in real life, nothing. The simulator is only that, a simulator designed to perform a statistic of probable numbers.

    4.- How does the simulator work?

    The simulator uses a random number generator included in your browser to generate a combination of numbers for each drawing and our own algorithm. During the simulation does not use internet. If you get some important hit you can put your name in our ranking.

    5.- The simulator stop when I leave in another browser tab.

    Many browsers disable javascript in your browser inactive tabs to save CPU. If you want to leave the simulator for a long time, we recommend you open a new browser window and run it there.

    6.- How reliable are the combinations from Lotto Predict?

    Combinations of the statistics section are are only a probabilistic calculation according to the present combinations and our own algorithm. There is no guarantee that comes out one or the other number. Simulator combinations are generated randomly, they have greater success rate than any other. They can serve to provide a baseline for choosing the numbers of your bets.

    7.- I've won a prize with a number that chose thanks to Lotto Predict!

    !!Congratulations!! If you want, you can contact us to send a message using the contact form.
    You can also send a donation for helping to make you a millionaire. To send a donation, contact us using the contact form.

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    Lotto Predict

    Lotto Predict

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